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Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission Fluid is the life blood of your car or truck’s transmission! Eagle Transmission is the expert source for all of your transmission service needs. Let us assist you in getting the maximum use from your transmission.

Automatic transmissions create extreme internal heat through friction. Much of the heat is developed in the torque converter. Other sources of friction is created when the clutch packs engage, and the typical friction created by transmission gears and bearings carrying their loads. 

 The automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in your car or truck heats up quickly while driving. In normal driving conditions transmission fluid temperatures average 175 degrees, which is the normal operating temperature at which most fluids are designed to operate. If the transmission fluid temperatures could be maintained at 175 degrees, the ATF may last up to 60,000 miles. Heat is the enemy! Transmission cooling systems can rarely maintain the optimum 175 degree mark. In fact the transmission fluid temperature can go much higher.  The life of the fluid begins to plummet as the temperature rises. The problem is even normal driving conditions can push fluid temperatures beyond safe limits. Heavy towing use, extreme hot or cold temperatures and extended time sitting in traffic quickly causes transmission fluid deterioration. Once that happens, the trouble begins. 

In the example below you will see 4 primary transmission fluid conditions:

If your transmission fluid appears to be any color other than “New Fresh” or “Normal Condition” you need to have the transmission serviced as soon as possible. Any delay or continued use with burnt or contaminated transmission fluid will shorten the life expectancy of your transmission and may lead to a more costly repair or the complete failure of the transmission.

Fluid and filter service as low as $89.99 depending on make & model of your vehicle. Call for details.