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A/C Repair Service

During the hot summer days you depend on your air conditioning to do its job by cooling off your vehicle. The compressor is the key to a proper functioning of that system which is at the center of the A/C system. The compressor may develop an issue and can possibly be easily fixed. It’s important to understand the types of problems that may occur.


An A/C compressor is typically a refrigerant pump (piston-driven) which is bolted on to the front of the engine. The compressor is usually driven from a belt by the engine crankshaft pulley. When an electrical current goes through a coil at the compressor this triggers a magnetic clutch which turns the A/C compressor on and off.


An auto A/C compressor is very necessary for providing the internal pressure of the A/C system. This allows the refrigerant to cycle through the (high pressure side) know as the condenser on its way to the (low pressure side) know as the evaporator and back then repeats.


Issues with your A/C compressor usually are the result of one of the following problems: Complete seizure, abnormal noises, refrigerant leakage or even pressure problems. These problems most of the time will require replacement of a compressor, but if the leak is determined to be coming from the compressor shaft seal, sometimes a seal can be replaced without the compressor being removed. The compressor clutch could be another problem area. The compressor clutch can be checked by looking at the clutch magnet for voltage. Although this is not quite a compressor problem, but sometimes a failing pressure or temperature cycling switch may cause the compressor not to work properly.


Sometimes a failing auto A/C compressor (while it is uncommon) can be disassembled by a technician and overhauled. However, this requires specialized experience and knowledge, and most of the time, replacing the compressor with a new or used one is simpler and more effective. Also confirm the issue is diagnosed correctly since a failing cycling switch can produce symptoms close to a bad compressor.

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