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CV Axle & Differential Services

A rear wheel drive car or truck has what is called a differential drive axle, sometimes called the “rear end ”. Rear axle gears or differentials are often neglected until a problem presents itself. The differential does require regular service in order to receive maximum life expectancy. If the differential has been serviced at regular intervals it may last the entire life of the vehicle. Some common indicators that a problem has developed are:

Front-wheel drive vehicles have what is commonly known as CV (constant velocity) drive axles. A common occurrence that would indicate the need for front wheel drive axle service is a loud clicking noise during turns. The common CV axle service for worn or damaged CV axles is to replace them with quality remanufactured CV axles.

If you begin to notice any peculiar noise coming from the front or rear axles on your car or truck, call or stop by Eagle Transmission in Lewisville. We offer expert drive line repair & service. Our technicians can quickly diagnose and provide you the axle repair you need and get you back on the road.

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